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3 reasons you need an attorney for a DUI charge

More people get pulled over and charged with DUI than you might think. Many of those people retain attorneys, but some do not for various reasons. They may not take the DUI charges seriously, think they don't have enough money to pay for an attorney or the think their innocence is obvious and will come out in court.

Why "I'm the designated driver" won't fly with police

If you serve as a frequent designated driver after parties or social outings, you may think that you are driving while legally sober. Many times, though, sobriety behind the wheel is not the case with designated drivers. This is a main reason why "I'm the designated driver" is an argument that will not stop police from giving you a test.

Super Bowl Sunday will see a DUI enforcement blitz

Now that we're officially less than one week away from Super Bowl Sunday, those planning to host game day festivities are likely busy making final arrangements or already buying provisions for the big game, including hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, chips, and, of course, alcohol.

Do I have to take the breath test?

If you get stopped on the road because police officers suspect you may be driving drunk, one of the things you can expect is to be asked to take a breathalyzer test. A positive result can then be used against you when DUI charges are filed. In Indiana, refusing to take this test is not lawful and can escalate the potential consequences of any resulting DUI charges.

Understanding drunk driving: The ABCs of the SFST -- IV

Over the last two months, our blog has dedicated a series of posts to discussing the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, or SFST, meaning the three tests that drivers will likely be asked to perform should an officer or trooper suspect them of driving while intoxicated.

Understanding drunk driving: The ABCs of the SFST -- III

Last month, we began discussing how the odds are very good that any driver pulled over during the early morning hours will be asked to complete the Standardized Field Sobriety Test in order to determine whether probable cause exists to place them under arrest for driving under the influence.

Indiana man charged with drunk driving

As the holiday season approaches, more and more Indiana residents will take to the roads. They will be traveling to visit with friends and family as well as making trips to the grocery store or shopping mall. With this increase in traffic will also come an increase in celebrations and an increase in law enforcement presence to ensure that these celebrations do not end with participants engaging in drunk driving as they leave the party.

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