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Bill would allow juveniles to be charged as adults for pharmacy robberies

There is no question that Indiana has been hit especially hard by the prescription drug epidemic, with addiction rates, overdoses, drug arrests and associated convictions reaching new levels, and showing no signs of slowing down. Indeed, this scourge hasn't been confined to just large urban areas, but has also devastated rural communities.

Opioid drug leads to DUI related to drug charges in Indiana

Pain is a daily thing for some across Indiana. In fact, many individuals who suffer from pain must take pain management medication in order to function throughout the day. This medication can often alleviate some of the pain and allow the individual to go to work, school or perform other necessary daily tasks. Unfortunately, some pain medications do have serious side effects and can even prevent one from being able to legally drive, thus leading to the potential for drug charges related to DUI.

Indiana legislators discuss drug crimes, addiction and law reform

What happens when a person is arrested for drug possession or related offenses? All too often, the primary result is jail time. If the person is an addict, treatment typically takes a back seat to punitive actions - if it is addressed at all. 

Addiction calls for treatment, not jail time

Drug use and possession are crimes in and of themselves, but they often lead to other actions that may be criminal, too. A person whose addiction has led them to regrettable decisions is often faced with an inhospitable justice system that is more invested in punishing than helping. It is worth questioning just how effective drug courts are. These are a few things you should understand about the system's treatment of drug addicts. 

Man earns zero from 'drug conspiracy,' may still forfeit $69,752

In 2008, a man named Terry called the local police in Chattanooga. He worked at the local Brainerd Army Store and was concerned that an increasing number of "edgy looking folks" had begun coming in to buy Polar Pure, an iodine-based water purifier. He was concerned it might be a drug precursor. On the phone, the director of the Tennessee Meth and Pharmaceutical Task Force confirmed that iodine can be used to make methamphetamine and told Terry not to sell the product if it made him "uncomfortable."

Traffic stop leads to drug charges

There are a number of reasons why Indiana law enforcement officers will stop a motor vehicle. Perhaps the driver appears to be driving in a negligent manner, the driver appears to be distracted or the license plate appears to have expired. During the course of a routine traffic stop, officers typically will analyze the situation and make a determination if other illegal activities may be occurring. If they suspect that this is the case, they may decide to further question the driver or even search the car. This action can lead to the driver's arrest, whether for drug charges or other possibly illegal activities.

Providing analytical -- and aggressive -- representation in drug cases

From the various marijuana legalization measures found on ballots across the nation to the most recent round of commutations by President Obama, it's apparent that attitudes toward drug-related crime are evolving. Indeed, lawmakers and law enforcement officials alike are increasingly recognizing that the societal costs of handing down harsh sentences for narcotics offenses are simply too great for all parties.

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