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Measure calls for reform of Indiana's civil forfeiture law

If asked about the procedures that law enforcement officials here in Indiana have to follow when confiscating property they believe was procured through criminal activity, most people would probably guess that some sort of hearing would need to be held or warrant secured before taking any action.

How concerned should I be about reckless driving charges?

At some point, virtually every driver will experience the sinking sensation that comes from seeing flashing lights in the rearview mirror, and the accompanying dread of pulling over and waiting for the officer to tell them what potentially costly traffic violation they allegedly committed.

State lawmakers seeking to increase punishment for ransomware attacks

While most people know terms like virus, phishing, and ransomware, the extent of their knowledge may be that they have something to do with computers and are altogether unfavorable. Even though this isn't technically too far off the mark, the reality is that it's important to have a broader understanding of these terms given the prominent role of electronic devices and WiFi in our everyday lives.

How worried do I need to be about that mistake on my tax return? - II

Last time, we began discussing how many people are understandably apprehensive about the potential repercussions of making a mistake on their tax return, a real possibility given the sheer volume of arcane tax rules and regulations.

How worried do I need to be about that mistake on my tax return?

When it comes to filing federal income taxes, the key is to always be proactive. Indeed, many thousands of Americans have already endured the arduous process of filing their federal income tax returns, perhaps receiving the good news that they'll be getting a refund or the not-so-good news that they'll be needing to open their checkbooks. Regardless of the outcome, however, they at least know where they stand and are ready to move forward.

Legislation to expand state's DNA collection efforts continues to advance

Back in November, our blog discussed how lawmakers were looking to expand the DNA collection capabilities of law enforcement here in Indiana, marking the third time that such an effort has been undertaken in recent years.

Criminal defense needed in Indiana church theft

Weekly, churches across Indiana open their doors to visitors. In an attempt to make these individuals feel welcome, members will often show the visitors around the church facility and invite them to participate in upcoming events. While many church members are aware of criminal activity that has occurred at other churches across the country, many often mistakenly believe that it cannot happen on their own doorstep. The thought that the visitors being shown around will soon need a criminal defense strategy just doesn't usually come to mind.

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