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Convictions do not always follow drunk driving charges in Indiana

Facing criminal charges in Indiana is seldom an easy experience. The adverse effects of such situations often trickle down through a person's private and professional life. When an incident involves drunk driving, strong emotions are often evoked when an accident has occurred that has resulted in injuries to other motorists.

Choosing to operate a motor vehicle after imbibing alcohol is an individual decision that may have lasting repercussions. Following an accident, if law enforcement agents claim  a person's blood alcohol content level was above the legally permitted limit, what lies ahead may bring emotional strain and legal difficulty to the person who stands accused. It is typically advisable to request a meeting with a criminal defense attorney in order to minimize the potential negative impact such situations may have on a defendant's future.

At Hansen Law Firm, LLC, we provide strong defense and effective representation to those facing drunk driving charges throughout the state. The process by which alleged evidence was obtained and collected is a crucial focus of our preliminary investigations into every client situation. If we determine that a Breathalyzer test was not calibrated correctly, or something else was awry regarding the procedures used by officers to search or seize potential evidence, we can challenge that portion of the prosecution's case. Obviously, this type of defense action can have a significant impact on an official outcome in court.

Being charged with drunk driving in Indiana has immediate and often long-lasting consequences. In this state, refusing a breath test results in an automatic driver's license suspension of one year. By seeking consultation with Hansen Law Firm, LLC  before making such decisions, you may increase your chances of obtaining an optimal result.

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