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Constant Internet, telecommunication and technological innovations require lawyers to adjust quickly. For complex cases involving alleged child solicitation or exploitation, attorneys have to be both experienced and innovative.

At Hansen Law Firm, LLC, we have that dynamic mix. Our Noblesville Internet crimes attorney has been adjusting to technological changes and its implications on the law since 1989. Particular online activity and information access may be permissible in some conditions, but not in others. Police officers, detectives and prosecutors alike may struggle to interpret and apply specific laws. In turn, they can violate your rights during an arrest or investigation, even if unintentional.

Indianapolis Child Solicitation Defense Attorney

In cases involving possession of child pornography charges, solicitation of a minor accusations or other charges, a good defense lawyer could have several avenues to build reasonable doubt and therefore a strong defense. There are complex Indiana laws involving Internet use that law enforcement and prosecutors can easily misinterpret. For instance, a federal appeals court recently struck down a state law that prohibits sex offenders from using social media websites that minors also have access to.

In each case, we find out how the law applies to you. We can determine when an existing law, a prosecutor or a judge is overreaching and attempting to restrict your rights. This is why retaining an attorney who is well-versed in state and federal laws and procedures can protect your interests to the highest court necessary.

When others may lose sight of your rights within specific Internet-related laws, we do not.

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